A new tool to connect brands with bloggers

Tools that make working with press releases easy.
But it looks like a social network.
Let's change the rules and give simple access for bloggers.
Create news • Build audience • Share news • Launch email campaigns • Work with bloggers • Simple access • Useful interface
Problems of

You have to upload images and videos to cloud services and then insert links into emails.

A: We have a storage for your files. Attached to news or single. Not matter.

It takes you a lot of time to understand how the service works, how to perform certain actions. There are many unclear aspects in the service.

A: Our service is very simple. And well documented.

Who read and share

You don’t have complete statistics on the interaction with your news.

A: We will use Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics and Fathom Analytics. And this will give you full statistics.
Preview ≠ Real email

The sent emails visually do not match what you see in the preview.

A: We’ll utilize a special editor to craft a high-quality email for your campaign.

And other
Problems of
When it's about official news
Big archives

You need to download a big archive with images from a cloud service.

A: We have a storage for brands files. So you don’t need to spend time to unarchive. You can select which you need.

Access to news

Often, press rooms are not open to everyone. You must sign up to get their news.

A: You need to create one account and get access.

Main features for
Your personal space containing all releases, media, statistics, followers, and other relevant information.
Fully customized newsroom page with all news in one place. And single news item.
All in one place

All your files in one place. Pdf, jpg, hd jpg, mp4. You don’t need to upload it to any cloud services.

Use AI
AI can assist you in rewriting or translating your texts.
Create email campaign for your followers.
You can view who shared your story and where it was shared. You have the ability to filter statistics.
And more features...
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Features for
Bloggers & Journalists
Easy registration. Just submit your blog name and website or newspaper website.
Download high-res images, pdf, video from the news page.
You don’t need to go to any cloud service.
Follow the brands in which you’re interested. Receive notifications when those brands make a new publication.
Ask the brand for more information or media of their news.
And more features...
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